Former NFL Players Look to Ease Concerns Around Youth Football Through Their Common Sense Gameplay Solution, Flex Football

Frisco, TX, November 16, 2018 ( – Flex Football™ provides a new entry point for players that delivers the skill development and the thrill of football without all of the risks from impacts.

National Flex Football (NFX) is a company owned and operated by former NFL players, and is a proud portfolio company of Blue Star Innovation Partners, L.P. (a fund owned by Jerry Jones and Rob Wechsler). They are easing concerns around safety while driving new growth to youth football with a proprietary common sense gameplay solution called Flex Football™.

With inspiration coming from the NFL’s philosophy of high-tempo, low-impact practices where players wear soft-shell equipment, Flex Football™ bridges the gap between flag and tackle football for the first time. The combination of style of play and gear that promotes proper engagement in contact, kids to get used to a limited amount of contact before being thrust into the full contact version of tackle football. Any existing youth league, or someone looking for a new opportunity to make a difference in the game, can add Flex Football™ to their league offerings or start a new league for no upfront costs through NFX’s Affiliate League Program.

Steven Jackson, former all-pro running back for the (now) Los Angeles Rams gives his approval, “Flex Football is the future, and the style of play is genius. It’s the same way we practiced in the NFL, with limited-contact. I honestly believe this style made me a better player. I wish I could have had this option as a kid.”

NFX has already gained impressive traction with over 50 prominent leagues, all over the country, adopting the game style as one of their offerings. In January 2019, you will see leagues running from coast to coast in nearly every major region of the United States.

The vision is a big one for NFX and their CEO, former NFL linebacker Joey LaRocque, “Flex Football will be the third category of football alongside Flag and Tackle. Flex compliments both game styles perfectly and truly ties our fractured youth football market together.”

Any league can signup to become an affiliate. If interested, reach out to National Flex Football directly at 855-282-8880. Learn more through their website, or like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Instagram @nationalflexfootball.

To learn more about Flex Football™ and to find the NFX league nearest you:

National Flex Football

Caleb Hanie