Why Putting Your Young Athlete in a Spring 9on9 Flex Football League is the Best Thing You Could Ever Do For His/Her Football Future

Frisco, TX, January 15, 2019 – (Headquarters) – Flex Football™ provides a new entry point for players that delivers the skill development and the thrill of football without all of the risks from impacts.

As the old saying goes “championships are won in the offseason”. As a former NFL Quarterback, I can tell you that this is 100% accurate. The harder you work in the offseason, the easier things are in the regular season. As a parent of a youth football player, you should be evaluating how to best spend your offseason in order to prepare your athlete for the fall season. And nowadays, you have a plethora of options. Do I put them in a strength and conditioning program? Do I send them to 10 different football camps? Do I get private lessons? Do I keep them from doing anything so their body gets rest? These options can be overwhelming.

With 9on9 Flex Football, you truly get the answer you are seeking; competitive league play in an environment that is sexier & more realistic than 7on7 and actually forces kids to develop the technique and fundamental skills needed to be a more effective football player. All while keeping the overall body impacts a player takes to a minimum. Kids have fun, develop their skills and keep the wear and tear to a minimum while working with a team.

Flex Football is a non-impact sport experienced within league play that allows blocking, rushing the passer, running the ball and utilizes traditional football rules. The practices I experienced at the highest levels of the NFL and college football utilized this “Flex style” of play and the same soft-shell gear. Why did we do this? It allowed us to play at full speed and use enough physicality to refine the football athleticism and techniques needed to build a foundation while keeping us in peak physical condition without wearing down our bodies.

Getting bigger, faster and stronger is an important part of football, but eventually technique and football athleticism will win out. There is only so long a kid will be the biggest and strongest kid on the field. I grew up as a kid bigger, faster and stronger than most others on my team, but when I got to the more elite levels I had to rely on skill and technique to win on the biggest stages. I always tell the quarterbacks I train that they need to work hard on the ‘front end’ (the first part) of their drop (dropback) so that they can relax on the ‘back end’ (right before they throw). This allows them to maintain their fundamentals and be more consistently accurate. This same concept applies after your football season..speed your game up and work hard in the offseason with Flex Football so that when you put the pads in the fall, your perception of things slow down and reaction becomes natural.

The combination of the Flex style of play, rules, and soft-shell equipment make this the smartest way to work on skills that actually apply to tackle football. You can’t get this development and team comradery in a private lesson, 7on7 league, football camp or non-contact flag league. You surely can’t get this from sitting at home or strictly playing another spring sport. Competitive league play opens up in regions all around the country. You better believe my 7 year-old son will be playing Flex Football this Spring…and he will be much more prepared for tackle football, when myself, his mother and he feels that he is adequately prepared for the physical demands of the game.

Caleb Hanie – Former NFL Quarterback / Concerned Dad / Football Advocate

To learn more about Flex Football™ and to find the NFX league nearest you:

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Caleb Hanie