Flex Vs Flag



In baseball, tee-ball is a great start, but if the game ended there, our experience of the sport would be much different. The MLB would not exist as we know it today. The same goes for football.

Flag serves a purpose, but what is the next step?

For those athletes searching for a little more, how can we give them the experience of the REAL game without all the contact? How can we break down a complicated game into smaller components so it’s easier for our youth to learn? How do we make sure that if a player decides to play tackle football, they have already mastered all skills required to succeed?

FLEX is the next evolution


In the NFL, off-season practices are implemented with a focus on fundamentals, football IQ, and physical development. The practices are designed to be high tempo, low impact, game-like scenarios. Flex took this practice model and molded it into a game style. It gives players, at every age or skill level, the ability to work on all important elements of football at every position without any of its contact. Yes, the o-line and d-line are included!



Every child deserves the chance to feel like an NFL player pulling a jersey over shoulder pads, putting on a helmet, and walking onto the gridiron under the lights. They need to know the feeling of blocking, making a sacrifice for the betterment of the team, then watching a teammate run into the end zone for a touchdown or blitzing, making a blocker miss, and sacking the quarterback sealing a victory. These aspects, so important to making football what it is, cannot be experienced in flag or other non-contact options.

Flex is the ONLY format that can unite all of the football world.  It provides the real football gameplay that flag players desire along with the fundamental progression that every tackle player needs. Whether it’s the experience, competition, progression, or just plain fun, we believe every athlete should get what they want from the game. Flex is for EVERYONE.