Tackle Flexes Back



Let’s face the facts. There is a battle going on and youth football is losing the fight. This war is being waged by the media, by the scientific community, even by our state legislators attempting to redirect our children away from the game. At the beginning of 2018, participation in tackle football fell below one million which has been due to a 17.4 percent decrease over the previous five years. If this trajectory continues, in the next few years many youth programs already struggling to fill teams will cease to exist.


Football can place the blame on external sources claiming that it’s being unfairly targeted, that the scientific research is flawed or incomplete, or that other sports have the same issues but don’t receive the same negative attention. Well, we will let you in on a secret. Do you know whose fault it really is…it’s football’s!

The sport has failed to adapt at its most important level…its youth. Football was too late recognizing and addressing issues being raised against it, so it lost the trust of parents. It has failed to innovate its practice model, the way players enter the game, and how it’s developing its athletes in the offseason. Football has seen the successful game plan on how other youth sports continuously grow and instead of change, have decided to double down on a losing bet.


There is a bright side to all of this! With its back against the wall, football is now looking for innovators to return this sport to the dominance in participation that was seen in previous decades. Flex Football is leading this charge. With a focus on fundamental development, Flex has found the perfect blend of a low impact, high intensity play that is driving numbers back to the game. Now, from day one, a first-time player’s only experience of contact is with a hands first approach and a progressive two-hand touch model to closely simulate the tackle. Now, as an off-season option, football has a format that actually includes all positions, contains a run game, a pass rush, and unlike previous options, actually resembles football! Most importantly, once the player is ready, football now has a program that instills all skills and fundamentals necessary to make the switch to tackle football a seamless, easy transition.


As the NFL careers of our founders ended, they reflected back on the popular saying of, “Leave the game better than you found it.” They have sincerely taken that to heart as their creation continues to resurrect America’s favorite game, teaching its children the correct way to play and the best way to have fun.